Make Your Treatments More Permanent,
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As Taught By Dr. Eugene Charles, D.C.,DIBAK

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The Three Practices Of Becoming A More Effective Chiropractor

If you're a chiropractor or Applied Kinesiologist, you've committed to helping your patients recover from conditions that negatively impact their life, and regain optimum health.

As you'll agree, there are three things you must practice to help your patients in this way:

Accurate diagnosis to find the root cause of your patient's symptoms
Effective treatment plan design to address the identified root cause of your patient's symptoms, and stop it from recurring
Effective implementation of the hands-on techniques used in your treatment plan. In designing my programs.

I've sought to help you achieve greater efficacy in each of these areas.

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Who Is Dr. Eugene Charles DC, DIBAK?

Dr. Eugene Charles received his doctor of chiropractic degree from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1987 and in 1994 he earned his Diplomate degree in applied kinesiology.

He teaches postgraduate courses certifying doctors of all disciplines in applied kinesiology over the past 30 years.

Dr. Charles has also authored numerous books including: Precision Adjusting For The Master Chiropractor and Journey To Healing: The Art and Science of Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Charles currently maintains a private practice in New York City.

Dr. Eugene Charles 


Dr. Charles is the best presenter of AK that I have come across. I love the way that you bring the material down to an everyday trench warfare style, while at the same time bringing in the mental/spiritual aspects of what it takes to get the patient well.

Dr. Mike Izquierdo

I would like to thank you for not only changing my practice, but for changing my life and my way of thinking.

Dr. Cooley D.C.

The key to powerful, effective, and specific chiropractic adjustments is learning and developing the techniques, balance, coordination, and timing. Dr. Charles has put this program together in order for chiropractors to help themselves develop into masters of their art: the adjustment.

Dr. Jason Sommers

Improve The Accuracy Of Your Diagnosis, The Efficacy Of Your Treatment Plans, And The Effectiveness Of Your Adjustments With These Online Chiropractic Courses

Precision adjusting for the master chiropractor

Precision Adjusting

Precision Adjusting is a practical course that enhances your understanding of high velocity, low amplitude adjustments. You’ll learn how to perform more accurate and effective adjustments with less effort, rapidly providing your patients with long-lasting relief.

Applied Kinesiology in clinical practice

The 100 Hour Applied Kinesiology Course

In the 100 Hour Course Applied Kinesiology Course, you’ll be introduced to the holistic frameworks and concepts that allow you to more accurately diagnose and effectively treat your patients. Hundreds of chiropractors around the world rave about the impact that integrating Dr. Charles’ teachings has had on their treatment efficacy.

Applied Kinesiology: The First Visit

If you’re an Applied Kinesiologist, you’re going to love how AK: The First Visit transforms your new patient visits. You’ll learn how to build a long term relationship from the first visit, condense what now takes you three visits into a single session, and begin providing immediate relief to your patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access my materials?

After purchase, you will receive a username and password to access your materials on You can access these materials from any internet enabled device.

Q. Is this only for master chiropractors? I'm still a student.

Yes, you will find this course valuable. You’ll be learning directly from a Chiropractor with more than 30 years of experience, seeing how he performs adjustments.

Q. I've been a Chiropractor more than 30 years. Should I take this course?

Yes, you will find it beneficial. And here’s why… Members of Precision Adjusting, some with decades of experience, have found the program to be beneficial as it not only refreshes and further develops techniques, but provides a complete training program to develop your coordination, balance, strength and stamina.

Q. Does customer support exist for this product?

Yes. If you have any challenges in accessing the material of Precision Adjusting, you can contact [email protected]. The support desk is managed by Whole Health Publishing, a publishing company co-founded by Dr. Shannon Weeks ND PAK, who will ensure you can access your materials with no hassle.

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