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Session Six

Presented By Dr. Eugene Charles, DC, DIBAK


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What Session Six Of Dr. Charles 100 Hour Applied Kinesiology Course Will Do For You

In Session 6 of Dr. Charles’ 100 Hour Applied Kinesiology Course, you will continue to expand on the principles learned in Session 5.

As you’ve no doubt noticed in your practice, patients today are under greater pressures than ever before. In Session 6, Dr. Charles shares techniques for addressing the distress caused by these pressures, allowing you to provide rapid relief to the psychological and emotional issues that can impede a patient’s recovery.

Plus, you’ll gain greater insight into diagnosing and treating, the shoulder and TMJ.


The principles taught by Dr. Charles in this footage are timeless. Click the video above to watch an extract from Session Six.

Topics covered in this session include:

Neurological Disorganization
Emotional Recall
Psychological Reversal
Phobia Techniques
Temporal Tap
Emotional Procedures
Postural Stress
TMJ-Cranial Review
TMJ Exam-Treatment
Spondylogenic Reflex
Shoulder Muscle Tests
Shoulder Exam-Treatments
Acromioclavicular Joint
Glenohumeral Joint
Calcific Bursitis
Bicipital Tendon
Sternoclavicular Joint
Scapulothoracic Joint
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Shoulder Review

And thanks to the practical nature of Dr. Charles teaching style, you can take what you learn in this session and immediately apply it when treating your patients.

I love the way that you bring the material down to an everyday trench war-fare style, while at the same time bringing in the mental/spiritual aspects of what it takes to get the patient well.

Dr. Mike Izquierdo

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I wanted to thank you again for a terrific experience. While I only incorporate a few of the many assessments/ techniques on a regular basis (fixations, IC valve, etc.), I thought of you instantly when I found a massive anterior cervical at C3 on a patient of mine. What made it signature was that I used your wrist flick adjustment and what a thud it made.

Dr. Ammitai Worob

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"I would like to thank you for not only changing my practice but for changing my life and my way of thinking."

Dr. Cooley, D.C.

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