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Support For Current Customers

If you already own a product from Dr. Charles Online, and need help with it in any way, please visit the Customer Support Center.

You’ll find answers to common questions that can help you immediately, and a simple way to get assistance from Dr. Charles Online’s support team.

Questions Before Buying?

If you’ve been looking at buying a product from Dr. Charles Online, but still have questions you need answered before you invest, you can contact us in three ways:

  1. Contact us using this help form. It will email your questions in directly.
  2. Call or text +1 (202) 780-7645 to speak with Dr. Weeks, who heads support for Dr. Charles Online
  3. Use the Live Chat tool to speak directly with support during business hours (you’ll find the chat tool in the bottom right corner of this window)

 General Questions

If you’re looking to discuss partnerships, promotions, or other uses of the products sold on Dr. Charles Online, please contact by using this form.