Dr. Charles is the best presenter of AK that I have come across.

Dr. Mike Izquierdo

Who Is Dr. Eugene Charles DC, DIBAK?

Now based in Manhattan, Dr. Eugene Charles has been sharing his knowledge of better patient treatment for decades. At the heart of his teachings is the philosophy of treating the person — not just the symptoms. (Dr. Charles has authored two books on Inspirational Philosophy.)

Dr. Charles graduated from LACC 1987 and earned his diplomate in Applied Kinesiology in 1994. Since he began sharing his knowledge, Dr. Charles has gone on to certify more doctors in Applied Kinesiology than any other teacher. By mixing a direct and “in the trenches” style of teaching, drawing directly from his own experience, along with the mental and spiritual aspects of treatment, Dr. Charles has built a following around the world.

His video teaching the 3 daily exercises that chiropractors must do for more accurate and effective adjustments has been seen by thousands of chiropractors in North America alone. You can watch it here.

Doctors who learn from Dr. Charles are able to quickly and practically improve their skills in patient diagnosis and treatment by implementing the pragmatic and clearly-explained techniques.

Dr. Eugene Charles 


I wanted to thank you again for a terrific experience. While I only incorporate a few of the many assessments/ techniques on a regular basis (fixations, IC valve, etc.), I thought of you instantly when I found a massive anterior cervical at C3 on a patient of mine. What made it signature was that I used your wrist flick adjustment and what a thud it made!

Dr. Ammitai Worob

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