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To be a great doctor, you must also be a great businessperson so you can practice as you see fit for the maximum benefit to your patients.

You have to learn business principles, protocols and procedures just as you learned healing principles, protocols and procedures.

You have to earn your diploma in Practice Leadership because doctors are leaders, not managers!


The principles taught by Dr. Charles are timeless. Click the picture above to listen to a free module of the PLP program.

Success principles rooted in integrity and used by all high achievers
Practice protocols employed by successful healthcare providers
Inspirational truths to keep your thoughts positive and accurate
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Verbal Judo so you can adeptly handle any attacks on you or holistic healthcare

Marketing and Financial Strategies proven to help you create the practice of your dreams
Mentoring to guide you through the development of your private practice muscles
Now bundled in an affordable package!

Free yourself and your patients from the insurance cartel. Think about it—the patient pays the insurance company—you do your work—and they want to keep the patient’s money and not pay you for your hard work with the patient.

Insurance companies are like casinos in Las Vegas…they always win! Take the first step in your freedom from insurance by working with the patient. The Practice Leadership Program will teach you how the patient can save money by NOT using insurance!

Ask yourself, "is it smarter to earn the same money seeing 400 patients in a week, or 40?" Remember, It's not how many patients you see, it's how many you heal that dictates your success — professionally and personally!

If this investment in yourself — in attaining a richer level of insight and healing knowledge — appeals to you, then you are in luck.

Dear fellow practitioners, The Practice Leadership Program is a no BS approach to guiding and mentoring you on how to 'lead your ship.’ Follow it step by step and you will be amazed at how growth in yourself personally will translate into what you are able to accomplish in your practice. Thank you Dr. Charles!

Zeya Alikhan B.Sc, D.C., Ontario, Canada

What's Included

Your purchase of The Practice Leadership Program (PLP) Includes:

8 Audio modules that you can listen to anywhere
Individually time-stamped and easily navigated audio tracks, so that you can study the course at your own pace (there are no deadlines and no expiring content)
Downloadable PLP Playbook in PDF format, so that you can follow along with Dr. Charles as he teaches the Practice Building Protocols

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I've been able to build a million dollar, AK, All-Cash dream practice using the attitude, mind-set and principles laid out in Dr Charles' Practice Leadership Program ™. I recommend it to any doc that truly wants a Dream Practice.

Howard Cohn, DC, Costa Mesa, CA

How To Get Immediate Access

This lifetime accumulation of healing, practice building, and personal growth information is bundled for you in the most affordable package EVER!

I am sharing with you what has worked for me for over three decades.

I have developed and used these principles in California as well as New York. I have feverishly studied success and business principles since a very wealthy real estate magnate took me under his wing to share with me his knowledge.

The fact is patients are more willing to spend their hard-earned money on you if you spend time with them and get results.

Quite frankly, spending 3 minutes adjusting the entire spine or 30 seconds manipulating one segment is not going to sit well with most of the general public. 


"I would like to thank you for not only changing my practice but for changing my life and my way of thinking."

Dr. Cooley, D.C.

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