AK- The First Visit

Presented By Dr. Eugene Charles, DC, DIBAK

How you can organize all the Applied Kinesiology techniques in an efficient, systemized way for a first patient visit.

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What Dr. Charles' Applied Kinesiology- The First Visit
Will Do For You

Over the course of his five hour presentation, Dr. Charles gives you everything you need to know to gather more comprehensive patient histories, perform more rigorous and enlightening exams, and more effectively structure the treatment you deliver in a first patient visit.

As you apply the clinical pearls Dr. Charles shares from nearly 30 years of experience, you’ll be be able to condense what normally takes three visits into just one…

And in the process, set up doctor-patient relationships that can last for life - the backbone of a practice that ensures you enjoy a low-stress, enjoyable practice life.

The principles taught by Dr. Charles in this footage are timeless. Click the video above to watch an extract from AK- The First Visit

What Is Covered In The Course?

In Applied Kinesiology - The First Visit, Dr. Charles demonstrates how you can organize all the Applied Kinesiology techniques in an efficient, systemized way for a first patient visit.

Some of what you’ll learn includes:

  • How to gather a more comprehensive patient history through careful questioning and prompts to your patient, enabling them to reveal critical clues as to what’s brought them to your office (these will guide you in treating the root causes that other physicians simply don’t see)
  • The three types of blood pressure measurements to take, and which order to take them in, so that your patient feels comfortable and relaxed with you (plus what discrepancies you should look expect, and what they mean)
  • The 7 responsibilities of an Applied Kinesiologist, and how they connect to your new patient’s first visit to your office — using these 7 responsibilities will set you apart
  • How to overcome the confusion and overwhelming task of trying to do everything at once in your patient’s first visit, and remove the fear that you might miss a critical step, by following a predictable, repeatable flow with every new patient
  • The keys to treating patients that suffer from psychological self sabotage that keeps them sick, unhealthy, and unhappy (this process is quick and easy to apply, and demonstrates to the patient what you see that they can’t)
  • Keys to biochemical challenging that can reveal cardiovascular risk, allergies, and causes of limited ROM, so that you can reveal to your patient what is going on inside their body

I love the way that you bring the material down to an everyday trench war-fare style, while at the same time bringing in the mental/spiritual aspects of what it takes to get the patient well.

Dr. Mike Izquierdo

All The Steps To A Successful First Visit, Revealed In One Online Program

Applied Kinesiology - The First Visit covers everything you need to know about confidently performing an effective, efficient first patient visit that demonstrates your competence as a physician.

After you’ve watched this course you’ll have a clear understanding of what to do, and in what order, with each new patient who comes in so that you can turn them from a new patient to a lifelong patient.

The program is delivered completely online and can be watched anywhere, from any internet enabled device - whether it’s your desktop computer in your office, or your iPhone on the lounge.

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Buy AK- The First VisitOnly $299

I wanted to thank you again for a terrific experience. While I only incorporate a few of the many assessments/ techniques on a regular basis (fixations, IC valve, etc.), I thought of you instantly when I found a massive anterior cervical at C3 on a patient of mine. What made it signature was that I used your wrist flick adjustment and what a thud it made

Dr. Ammitai Worob
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