Applied Kinesiology
100 Hour Course

About Your Teacher

Dr. Eugene Charles DC, DIBAK

Dr. Eugene Charles is a highly respected chiropractic physician and Applied Kinesiologist in New York City. Known for his natural and holistic approach to healing, his reputation is one of integrity, straight forwardness and a wealth of information on the principles of health. He has treated patients from all walks of life with all types of problems; from the very young to the very old; from athletes and celebrities to business professionals and students. Dr. Charles graduated from The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1987 and earned his diplomate in Applied Kinesiology in 1994. He is one of the most prolific teachers of AK in the world—having taught healthcare professionals of all disciplines AK for over 30 years.

Dr. Charles recently authored the award-winning book, Journey To Healing—The Art and Science of Applied Kinesiology. The goal of this work is to educate people about the little known “hands-on” approach available for the majority of health issues. Journey To Healing was awarded the bronze medal in the medicine/healthcare category of the 2019 Global Ebook Awards.

Now you can have the feel of being at one of Dr. Charles’ seminars with these video programs—fully edited by a professional studio to enhance the home learning experience, while keeping the feel of being at the seminar.

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